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Local Government

Our Beehive team have been involved in stacks of projects on behalf of county councils, district, borough and city councils.


We enjoy working across the broad scope of local government and we have had the opportunity to partner with a range of different departments including:

  • Marketing and communications

  • Insight and research

  • Planning

  • Public health

  • Travel and tourism

  • Leisure and culture

  • Elections


The team have helped local authority clients with consultation around new local developments and proposed changes to ways of working.  We are often tasked with delivering community engagement to collect feedback on council services.  We also work on various insight and research projects, campaign awareness and promotional activity

Our previous projects have included:

  • Budget consultation

  • Town centre re-development research

  • Satisfaction surveys and opinion polling

  • Communications awareness research with local residents

  • Brand testing

  • Tourism research

  • City centre shopper surveys

  • Libraries awareness campaigns

  • Statutory notices insight campaign

  • Mental health services consultation

  • Shopmobility services consultation

  • Employee surveys

  • Voting and electoral surveys

  • Mystery shopping of customer helplines

  • Health check recruitment

  • Research around smokefree playgrounds and schoolgates

  • Hard to reach and 'seldom heard' group recruitment

  • Smoking cessation campaigns

  • Tobacco use research (including cigarettes,shisha/hookah and smokeless tobacco

  • Healthy eating and nutrition awareness

  • Cook and Eat Well campaigns

  • Exercise and physical activity promotion

  • Research into barriers to exercise

  • Sexual health campaigns

  • Alcohol awareness activity









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