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Here at Beehive, we have bags of experience working in the health sector. 

Our core activities in this sector have been involved in consultation around health services, insight and research activity, campaign awareness and behaviour change projects, plus supporter and membership recruitment.

We are proud to have been given the opportunity to manage and deliver a number of varied and interesting projects for a wide range of clients including:

  • NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups

  • NHS Commissioning Support Units

  • NHS Hospital Trusts

  • NHS Foundation Trusts

  • Public Health England

  • World Health Organisation (WHO)

  • Local Authority Public Health Teams

Our previous projects have included:

  • Mental health services consultation

  • Disability services consultation

  • Research around smokefree playgrounds and schoolgates

  • Maternity and childrens services consultation

  • Urgent care consultation around A&E services

  • Membership recruitment for mental health, learning disability and community health services

  • Patient and public membership recruitment

  • Recruitment for 'health ambassadors'

  • Hard to reach and 'seldom heard' group recruitment

  • Smoking cessation campaigns

  • Tobacco use research (including cigarettes,shisha/hookah and smokeless tobacco

  • Health inequality insight

  • NHS 111 awareness campaigns

  • Winter health campaign activities

  • Flu campaigns

  • Bowel cancer screening campaign

  • Cervical screening awareness

  • Childrens dental health campaign

  • Healthy eating and nutrition awareness

  • Tuberculosis awareness activity

  • Exercise and physical activity promotion

  • Research into barriers to exercise

  • Sexual health campaigns

  • Alcohol awareness activity

  • Research into barriers to breastfeeding

  • Patient experience research









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