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Charity and non-profit

Beehive are an agency with a social conscience and we like to offer a fair deal for our charity and non-profit clients.  We care about what we do and are passionate about working to support our clients in this sector.


Our Beehive team have worked on a wide range of different projects for our partners in this sector:

We have experience in supporting charitable and non-profit organisations with marketing, fundraising and awareness raising strategy, community engagement, promotion of events and a number of insight and research activities.

Beehive have worked in partnership with:

  • Associations, foundations and trusts (covering a range of causes, including; homelessness, sports and illness)

  • Hospices

  • NHS

  • Local authorities

Our previous projects have included:

  • Communications awareness research

  • Marketing strategy development

  • Fundraising campaign planning

  • Satisfaction surveys and opinion polling

  • Brand testing

  • Employee surveys

  • Community outreach

  • Mystery shopping of customer helplines and web enquiries

  • Behaviour change and awareness raising with young people

  • Lead generation campaigns to build links between charities and commercial organisations

  • Data analysis and reporting

  • Smoking cessation campaigns

  • Tobacco use research (including cigarettes, shisha/hookah, oral tobacco and smokeless tobacco

  • Healthy eating and nutrition awareness

  • Exercise and physical activity promotion

  • Sexual health campaigns

  • Alcohol awareness activity








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